ADEPT Autumn Conference 2020


Date(s) - 5th Nov 2020
Time - Thursday: 9.15am - 4.45pm; Friday: 9.00am - 12.00pm

Event Details

Place Directors and their strategic partners have a key role in driving and supporting places to recover and renew from the COVID-19 pandemic. The ADEPT Autumn Conference gave time and space for reflection.

The questions posed for delegates to consider included:

  • Has the lockdown pushed a new approach to commuting and working from home?
  • Will we think differently about international travel?
  • How will we deal with the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1920s?
  • Will there be changes to some of the key partners we have been working with?
  • How have we all responded to a long-term emergency?
  • What will town centres look like?
  • Have we created a new environment where people respond to public health messages?
  • What does it all mean for tackling climate change?
  • Do we have the right skills to drive this agenda?
  • How is it all going to be paid for?

These were some of the key themes of the conference to reflect on the lessons learnt and to consider and develop strategies to drive the recovery and renewal of localities.

Two themes underpinned the conference – tackling climate change (reducing emissions and adapting) and meeting the funding challenge – which were reflected in the plenary sessions.

This was a virtual event which was streamed to delegates in real-time allowing online networking and participation in the question & answer sessions.

This event was generously sponsored by Ringway, Amey, Atkins, RWM and WSP.




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