ADEPT Autumn Conference 2019


Date(s) - 21st Nov 2019
Time - Thursday: 9.15am - 5.30pm; Friday: 9.00am - 12.45pm

Event Details

Well-connected places in a changing world 

The conference addressed some of the big issues facing place directors, particularly the comprehensive spending review, delivering place services, connectivity in a post-Brexit world and climate change. 

The focus of the event was about the role of place leaders (place directors, LEPs, combined authorities and corporate partners) in enabling and delivering sustainable communities, helping them to thrive and achieve their ambitions; and explored what being well-connected means - digital as well as transport connectivity and mobility – and considered the potential of 5G.

The conference also delved into the post-Brexit world, and the proposed Shared Prosperity Fund, exploring the opportunities for innovation and hearing back from our ‘Live Labs’ projects.

Europe has shaped our approach to the environment and its protection and climate change is once again in the political spotlight.  

The workshops provided an opportunity for delegates to engage with SMEs, to discuss the nascent highways sector deal, the delivery of clean growth and the relationship between environmental and public health.  

2019 has seen the launch of the ADEPT Leadership Development Programme, and the Conference heard from participants. 

The papers from the event are available on the ADEPT website.

ADEPT thank their conference sponsors RingwayAppyParkingAtkinsWSPVolkerHighways and Costain for their support. 

Details of the 2020 Autumn Conference will be available soon. In the interim, please don't hesitate to contact us by any convenient means if you have any queries.


All refreshments provided at the venue

Venue Address

Apex Hotel
James Street West

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