Road Worker Safety Leadership Summit 2015


Date(s) - 21st Oct 2015
Time - 9.00am to 4.00pm

Event Details

Roadworkers 2015 – stepping up to the health and safety challenge

A significant proportion of the deaths and injuries on our roads occur at road works; many of them are preventable.

It is the responsibility of us all, but especially senior management, to address the issues.  Whether we work in government or industry we will all be judged on our collective actions to secure a radical improvement and by the results we achieve.

Therefore, together we need to address the leadership and behavioural challenges necessary to drive a step change improvement in safety performance at road works, on both the local and strategic networks.  Attendance at this summit demonstrated commitment to this endeavour.

The summit was addressed by keynote speakers from national and local government, the HSE and HTMA and the programme for the day is available here.  The presentations are available on the HTMA website here.


The main purpose in holding this health and safety summit was to improve the protection of both roadworkers (including construction workers) and road users over the entire UK highway network. The summit connected our community in this common purpose and knowledge was shared in an open forum. Only by collaborating in this way can the highways industry promote the required leadership, changes in behaviours and innovations.


The summit brought together representatives from national and local government together with contractors from the maintenance and major project communities, as well as other stakeholders. The health and safety challenge faced by delegates was illustrated through a series of addresses by keynote speakers which included some of the recent best practices developed to reduce injury to roadworkers.

Through this collaborative approach the summit aimed to foster relationships between parties that have not shared or learnt the lessons from each other before and raise the standards of highways health and safety nationally.


In order to achieve the purpose of the summit, six key objectives were addressed through separate breakout sessions. The objectives aimed to introduce consistency and ensure that the UK highways industry steps up to the health and safety challenge and will become part of a highways industry health and safety action plan towards 2025.  They were:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Industry Culture
  3. Educating Road Users
  4. Temporary Traffic Management
  5. Management of Health & Safety
  6. Workforce Health

Further details are available here.

Roadworkers 2015 was a not-for-profit event and any surplus will be donated to charity.


Refreshments and lunch were provided at the venue

Venue Address

Hilton Metropole
The NEC Birmingham
Pendigo Way
Marston Green
B40 1PP

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